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Its been A LONG TIME since I updated this site but look for some new content in the next few weeks. Looking to move beyond just talking education but some other stuff I am interested in like certain podcasts, stuff on YouTube, articles and other randomness.

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Episode 001 edubeerpod

New episode where we talk about start of school memories, give some tips and drink some beer.

ELA Practices

Recently, I was honored to be asked by Student Achievement Partners to write a short piece on English Language Arts Standards in the Common Core and the idea of Practices around those Standards for their blog Aligned. The Math standards have 8 Mathematical Practices that help educators see how students can work to be Mathematically… Continue reading ELA Practices


All over the edutwitterverse the discussion has turned to #oneword. The idea being that you choose that one word that will drive you forward for following year. This is the 4th year I’ve written something on my own #oneword and if I’m being honest I have SUCKED at the whole #oneword thing ( and blogged… Continue reading #Oneword2018

VLog #2 

Just a short update for this post. We are back at it ¬†starting next week! Teachers report back and it’s game on! Check out the update here:

Vlog #1 posted

Just finished my first Video Blog (vlog) and posted it on the RummagesandRamblings Youtube Channel. RummagesandRamblings VLOG Sorry for the weird cut off at the end, still figuring out the editing portion, also wondering if I might switch to Blogger for hosting this site, since its seems more compatible with Youtube (that whole Google owns… Continue reading Vlog #1 posted

New Stuff Coming

Wait for it…….. video blogging! VLOGGING I know not really that original. So I’ve been very neglectful of this blog over the last 6 (or more) months. Things have been busy to say the least. But I’ve just been working on some Video Blogs (VLOGS) and creating a Rummages & Ramblings Youtube Channel. So…… Look… Continue reading New Stuff Coming