New Stuff Coming

Wait for it……..

video blogging!


I know not really that original.

So I’ve been very neglectful of this blog over the last 6 (or more) months. Things have been busy to say the least. But I’ve just been working on some Video Blogs (VLOGS) and creating a Rummages & Ramblings Youtube Channel.


Look for a new Vlog to drop in the next couple of days once I work out the whole editing thing  and getting over listening to how weird my voice sounds.

Stay tuned and BE AWESOME!!!!





The edutwitterverse is filled this time of year with the hashtag #oneword2017. If you’re not familiar with #oneword its pretty simple, rather than create a resolution the goal is to find that one word that will drive the rest of your year, be your focus and keep you on track. Often after posting their #oneword people will share their blogs explaining why they chose that word and what it means to them. These inspiring, thought provoking posts often leave me with a “Hey! Why didn’t I think of that?” kind of response.

And for the last couple of years I’ve shared my own #oneword and blogged about those words.

And  then……..

I forgot them. I mean I knew what my word was, but unless I revisited that post or checked out the hashtag, I wasn’t thinking about that word beyond that month. I can’t honestly say I was living my #oneword for 365 days. As a proud practitioner of ADHD I’d moved on.

So this time I’m going to try something different. Instead of creating one blog post about my word I’m attempting to explain my #oneword2017 in Haiku over many posts. This challenge forces me to think more deeply about my word, why it’s important and keep it at the center of my thinking. Plus I’m a great fan of the Haiku form, though not a very proficient practitioner. 

I’m not sure how many posts it will be, the quality of the Haikus (what is the plural of Haiku?)  or if it will end up going down in flames when I lose focus and sprint of in some other direction.

But whatever happens I know I’m charging forward in 2017.