Vlog #3 Talking Professional Reading

2nd day of school & I wanted to share some of the professional reading we’ll be doing this year in my newest Vlog

Check it out here:


Vlog #1 posted

Just finished my first Video Blog (vlog) and posted it on the RummagesandRamblings Youtube Channel.

RummagesandRamblings VLOG

Sorry for the weird cut off at the end, still figuring out the editing portion, also wondering if I might switch to Blogger for hosting this site, since its seems more compatible with Youtube (that whole Google owns the world thing). Let me know you thoughts on using WordPress VS Blogger.

Please check it out and here are some links for some stuff I talk about!

Thedropinsdotorg Sara Holms awesome blog

Jim Walmsley One Wrong Turn

Western States 100 mile run

Cheers and go outside and Be AWESOME


New Stuff Coming

Wait for it……..

video blogging!


I know not really that original.

So I’ve been very neglectful of this blog over the last 6 (or more) months. Things have been busy to say the least. But I’ve just been working on some Video Blogs (VLOGS) and creating a Rummages & Ramblings Youtube Channel.


Look for a new Vlog to drop in the next couple of days once I work out the whole editing thing  and getting over listening to how weird my voice sounds.

Stay tuned and BE AWESOME!!!!