My #oneword2018 (hey it’s #oneword2019!)

Kindergartners get it

Yes it is 2019 so I guess I need to have a new #oneword for the new year but I’ve decided to go with my same word from 2018. Not because I’m lazy and couldn’t think of a new one (though some might argue that point) but because I still feel it’s relevant. I still believe this is the word I want to live and inspire others to live by, promote AWESOME, look for AWESOME, celebrate AWESOME and most of all BE AWESOME! Everyday is a new day and that means we get to see the awesomeness of this world with fresh eyes. It’s so easy to take for granted the everyday mundane things in our lives but when we look at them for the awesomeness they are we can’t help but smile. I mean look I’m writing this on a computer using free WIFI in a coffee shop drinking coffee! That’s so awesome! Less than 10 years ago that could not have happened (at least at Starbucks). So for 2019 I will continue to look for the awesome and work to help everyone I come into contact with be their own AWESOME, whatever that is! 

So here it is my #oneword2018  #oneword2019 in the form of the post I wrote at this time last year in all its 2018 awesomeness! 

In my last post  I shared how I really have not been very good at this whole #oneword thing. I spend time thinking about a word, write something or a couple of things, tweet about it and then a month later move on. This year, thanks to #teachNVchat and my friend Sara I’m hoping to keep focused on my word for 2018  2019

So what’s my word this year? That was actually pretty easy once I sat down and thought about it. My word is one that I spend almost everyday saying to staff and students. My #oneword2018 #oneword2019 is AWESOME!

Pretty easy!


That sums up pretty much everything. In the morning when I do the announcements I end with BE AWESOME. At the end of the day when I’m at crosswalk duty I ask kids “We’re you AWESOME today?” Everyday there is something awesome that happens and something we all do that is awesome. Awesome is in the eye of the beholder. It can be an awesome job making sure you wrote you name with all the right letters if you are a Kindergartner, it can be standing in front of the class to present your PBL project if you are in 5th grade. If you’re a teacher it can be a lesson where every student has that moment of clarity and you realize they all got the objective or it can be walking around Hi-5ing kids at the end of the day (my personal favorite) Its all AWESOME!


IMG_2422 (1)

There are some many things that happen everyday that are awesome, we just need to open our eyes. As The Book of Awesome points out things like the other side of the pillow, figuring out how the hotel shower head works, wordless apologies are ALL AWESOME! I have the book placed on the shelf next to my desk at eye level and it serves to remind me that even the simplest things can be awesome in some way.

I know this word gets overused (I’m pretty sure this post has the word about a hundred times) but hey that’s because lots of stuff can be awesome! Thinking of things that are awesome can help us realize all the things big and small that we need to be grateful for. Something that I need to remember because there are days when working in education can feel not awesome. Horrible situations, negative people, silly mandates or endless compliance issues can suck the awesome right out of you. But when you stop and think of even one thing that was awesome about that day you can refocus and get awesome!

So there it is #AWESOME that’s my word for 2018  2019 . I’m looking forward to sharing my progress towards finding the awesome in everyday as part of #teachNVchat and hoping that this year having that constant reflection on my word will help me live it not just for January but until the next January as well.


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