Helping Eli to Find His Passion

Great thoughts from Neil Gupta. Maybe we should be asking these questions instead of asking why students didn’t do their homework?

Neil Gupta, Ed.D.

“Can’t you ever just turn ‘it’ off?”

I knew exactly what my son meant as he asked this question that wasn’t really meant as a question.  We had just moved to a new community last month, and we were going to volunteer to raise money for his new soccer team.  Growing up the son of an educator, he knew I wasn’t shy and loved to talk to others, especially students.  This meant, I would have the opportunity to talk with students as we volunteered, who happened to be his new friends and teammates.

I need to go record that I waited a full hour before asking a student a question while moving some tables and chairs.

“So, what’s your name?”  (I could already feel my son’s eyes rolling around.)


After making small talk asking about his age and position on the soccer team, I asked what else he did or liked…

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